You're Gonna Love the Movie 'Invincible'

Hey! We've got this great movie you're gonna love. It's called 'Invincible'.

Cool. What's it about?

It's the story of an underdog from Philadelphia who overcomes the odds to achieve greatness.

Oh, like Rocky? Did they make another one of those movies?

No. This isn't a 'Rocky' movie. It's about a guy who is told that he is too old to play in the pros. But he works hard, overcomes some tough obstacles and makes it.

The baseball movie with Dennis Quaid? You're thinking of The Rookie.

No! This is a football movie. The guy goes to an open tryout and even though he's not as big as the other guys, his hard work and determination impresses the coaches and he surprises everyone by making the team as a walk-on.

Good call. Rudy is one of my favorite movies.

It's not 'Rudy'!! Jesus. Okay. Let me start over. There is this blue-collar guy from Pennsylvania who dreams of making it big. Most of his friends don't believe in him but he gets support from a very attractive lady friend. He gets the opportunity of a lifetime and goes from being a nobody to being a somebody. It stars Mark Wahlberg.

That was Rock Star. And it was shitty. No thanks.

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  1. Is it bad for me to admit that I own this movie? :\

    I actually think it's a pretty good period piece, especially considering it's a Disney film--not where you'd usually expect to find something like that. From what I can tell, they really nailed the attitude and setting of 70s South Philly. And Wahlberg was pretty good too.