The Great Date Experiment

"out of all the girls I've ever dated, you are by far the most recent"

You just can't pass up something like this. Say there's a guy who literally knows thousands of single women. He wants to set me up with whomever I want and will show me pictures of any of them. Not only that but he'll even tell those women about me and let me know if they're interested. Okay, so what if he wants some money for his trouble? And so what if he isn't a friend - or even a person - but instead a faceless corporation who actually makes more money the longer I'm single? Still a no-brainer, right?

The Great Date Experiment series details my triumphs and tragedies in the world of online dating. Why? Because the whole "Confessions Of..." thing is so overdone. And because these tales contain no Sex and very little City. Well... strike that. Reverse it.