Modern Art

Nahj: Come see this, Jerome. Are you seeing it?

Jerome: Yes.

N: No, don't just see. Experience it. Breathe it.


Are you breathing it, Jerome?

J: Oh yes.

N: How does it make you feel?

J: Breathless.

N: Precisely. It's so free. It is what it wants to be. It is boundless, undefined.

J: Infinity.

N: Yes! Infinity!

J: It is the 4th dimension.

N: Please, Jerome. I cannot hear the silence.


Tell me. What does the Creator call this masterpiece of his?

J: The guide says that this manifestation is referred to as Blue.

N: It's exquisite. It is what it is. Nothing more.

J: So simple.

N: So basic. It's brilliant.

J: Oh yes. Quite brilliant.

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