Snow Day 2007 #2

The weather called for 1 inch of snow falling between 6am and 6pm. When I awoke at 7am, my roommate was up and celebrating as the news announced school closings. They don't do coded letters here. They just say "all" or "none." Today, they said "all." She sure as hell wasn't going to work today and pleaded that I do the safe thing and just stay off the roads. I scoffed and got ready to go to work.

It started to flurry as I was on my way to work around 8am. Traffic was scarce as the only people confident enough to leave home were those driving SUVs or pickup trucks. Though as the first flakes dropped, I did see a disabled Volvo on the side of the highway, which had its tires wrapped in chains.

At 9am, I joined the other two coworkers who made it in to "go outside and see what the snow is doing." Even though I had a pretty good idea that what the snow was doing was "falling," I didn't want to ruin the surprise. We went to the parking lot and scraped all the snow off of a four cars to make 1½ sickly-looking snowballs. It wasn't so much a snowball fight as a snowball incident.

At 11am, one of the few supervisors came into the lab and said, "Guys, I understand if you're concerned about getting home safely today. We appreciate you coming in today. But if you're worried about the roads, feel free to just go on ahead home. Might want to pick up some bread and milk on your way, if there's any left at the stores."

As I walked out of the building at two minutes past 11am, a light rain sprayed my smiling face as I could no longer contain my laughter.

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