Golfin in the Ghetto

"yo Tiger... drop the beat..."

i drive and hit the clubs
like a true playa should.
there's nothin i do better,
than shootin in the hood.

im all about the greens,
i take the world by force.
cause i love me hitting irons
on a ghetto-ass golf course.

golfing in the slums
ain't no pretty scene.
there's needles in the bunkers,
and condoms on the green.

the clubhouse is a crackhouse,
junkies want some scooby snacks.
runnin through the fairway
there's a set of railroad tracks

putting in the projects
life can be the craps.
they doin drivebys in the rough
and shootin dice in the traps.

we ain't got no golfcarts,
but walkin is a fuss.
after every shot
we gotta take the bus.

gotta respect... the game's etiquette
even when it's in the streets.
when a homeless guy was nappin in my lie
i cut him with my cleats.

i gotta nasty temper,
this flaw i must confess.
so shut it while i putt it,
cause dudes been shot for less.

playin 18's hard,
when you're livin in the gutter.
but im always ridin dirty
with my iron, woods and putter.

colt 45 in my hand,
and a sammich in my bag.
i don't need your weed,
when im shootin for the flag.

i beat all the best ones,
by the 9th they're beggin "please."
i shot a round with Tiger,
let him play the ladies' tees.

they think that they can stop me
like some little wimp.
so give me that green jacket,
im tha muthaf***ing pimp.

water... hazards... in don't matter,
im came down to compete.
listen here, ain't got no fear
cause my caddie's packin heat

everybody hushes
when the game is on the line.
step to the edge and ditch the wedge,
im bustin out my nine.you best not play out of turn

baby mama hollerin',
she want me off the links.
i ain't goin nowhere
'til the final putt sinks.

doncha wish your driver
could drop a hole-in-one?
you'll be crying mulligan
but i've only just begun

my game is always clean
from the windows to the walls.
don't let your jealousy mess with me,
when your girl's washing off my balls.

your swing is looking whack
and your short game needs a fix.
i seen your ma and sister
on the back 9 turnin tricks.

the day is gonna come
when you see me at augusta,
rockin out a foursome with
snoop, dre and busta.

no one dare to challenge,
cause they all fear my wood.
im the greatest livin playa
golfin in the hood.

holla acha caddie
"rolling green... 2007 baby... holla acha caddie..."

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