The Great Date Experiment - No Answer

Online dating has confusion built in to the process. You contact someone. She writes back. You write back. You never hear from her again. Was it something I said? Is she on vacation? Did she witness an especially heinous crime and is now in the witness relocation program? I usually assume that one.

I'd gone back and forth about 5 times with one girl and things were progressing pretty well. And then, the eerie silence. It had been over a week since I'd gotten a response. That's usually not a big deal except that this girl tended to reply within hours of every message I'd sent. I couldn't understand. Where did I go wrong? I went back to review what I had written. I can't be sure, but I think I pinpointed what it was that cooled her off.

When trying to describe my ability to take a joke or even laugh at my own mistakes, I accidentally typed: "I'm not afraid of a little self defecation. Actually, I'm really good at it ;-)"

Funking spell checker.

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