The Great Date Experiment - The Redirect

Making plans can be frustrating and confusing. Especially when someone initiates with an effortless "Wanna hang?" and then redirects every decision back to me so I end up making all the plans. That's supposed to be my trick!

The following conversation took place via text message. As always, the part of Clueless Male will be played by yours truly.

Girl: Hey. Want to get together this weekend?
Joe: Sure. What did you have in mind?
Girl: Not sure. What do you want to do?
Joe: Dinner?
Girl. Sure. What kind?
Joe: How about Sushi?
Girl: I love Sushi! Where?
Joe: Shiki Sushi is really good.
Girl: I love it there! But I want to get out of Durham. Someplace else.
Joe: Okay. There's Sushi Blues downtown.
Girl: Not really in a downtown mood.
Joe: The only other Sushi place I know is Tasu.
Girl: Perfect. That's where I wanted to go. But I always get lost over there. Can we meet up somewhere so I can follow you?
Joe: Sure. No problem.
Girl: Where should we meet?
Joe: Do you know where the Ale House is?
Girl: Oh yeah. That sounds good. Which night.
Joe: How about Saturday?
Girl: Great. What time.
Joe: 7?
Girl: Darn. Can't make it. Maybe another time. Have a good weekend!

I especially liked where she stopped using question marks so her requests turned into demands.

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