The Great Date Experiment - Early Termination

ring.... ring...

Billie Jean: Oh hey! What's up?
Joe: Oh not much...
Billie Jean: So, are we hanging out this weekend?
Joe: Um... yeah. No. I'm calling to let you know that I don't think it's going to work out. Like, us hanging out and stuff.
Billie Jean: What.
Joe: Well... you know. I had a good time and stuff but I just don't think... you know.
Billie Jean: Why would you call me to tell me that?
Joe: I mean... You kept texting me about when we would hang out next so I thought I would be honest and upfront.
Billie Jean: No. You just went out of your way to make me feel shitty. Why couldn't you just ignore me like a normal person?
Joe: Uh-huh.... Well, we've hung out like 5 or 6 times—
Billie Jean: — Actually, it was 9. Plus the time you called me crying from the airport when your car broke down and I left my friend's birthday party to pick you up. That would make 10.
Joe: Ten. Right. So. I was thinking that this would be the right thing to do - or something.
Billie Jean: Whatever. It's your loss. Cause... I give great blowjobs.
Joe: Okay. So... that's really something that should have been brought up when we first met. Because now I feel like I wasn't able to make an informed decision with all the, like, information. But really, I guess it kinda doesn't matter because I'm sure you've been told you give good blowjobs a lot of times but the truth is all that guys say that after every time they get a blowjob as sort of an encouragement. Like, to make sure girls keep giving blowjobs. It's not like an organized agreement. We just all know to do it.
Billie Jean: ...
Joe: Okay. Right. So I'm guessing you hung up. The thing is that cellphones don't make that click noise, you know? So it's not really as dramatic. It's just... ambiguous. But... I'm gonna go now.

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