The Great Date Experiment - The End / Random Quotes

And so we come to the final entry in this series. I thought I would end it by sharing some of the more bizarre quotes I've heard during this little experiment. Mostly because I'm lazy and couldn't figure out a way to stretch them into full length posts. Yes, I'm quite the catch.

These are all excerpts from some of my recent dates. Quotes are always funnier when taken out of context. In the following cases, there was no context. They came out of nowhere and I still question the reality that would cause words to be uttered in this order.

  • "I try to do background checks on all the guys I meet. It's one of the perks of being a cop. Did you used to have a different name or something?"

  • "I know I said we'd hang out tonight but I just realized that I'm going to be really busy this semester. So, thanks anyway. Yeah..."

  • "You really shouldn't refer to us as 'girls'. It's condescending. We're mature adults, not little children. I think I've earned more respect than that."
        — Woman #1

  • "Oh, don't call me a 'woman'! It makes me sound so OLD!!"
        — Woman #2
        — Girl B
        — a different female person

  • "I didn't think it was a big deal that he asked for a picture with my resume. But during the interview he said I might have to, like, take care of him if he got drunk at the events, get him a hotel room. And he basically wanted me to... do stuff. Like... sexually or whatever. That's probably the last time I'll look for a job on Craigslist. Lesson learned."

  • "Think about it. You're 4 years old and your 18 year old brother is jerking off in the next room."

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