A Less-Than-One Night Stand

Guys do not go to bars to drink. Guys do not go to bars hoping to have a 'bonding experience' with their male associates. Guys do not dance. Well, guys who prefer the company of female private areas do not dancea. Guys go to bars expecting to get laid. You read that right. We expect. No hope. No desire. No per chance, wouldn't it be delightful if.... It's expected.

Specifically, guys go to bars with the mindset of using the fewest number of words or gestures that will make a woman - any woman - throw their naked form at us. Notice that spending ridiculous amounts of money is of no concern. This is how strip clubs have remained so successful.

For some reason, using trickery and deception to lure women are not shamed approaches to the male psyche. They are necessities. The mindset is this: "If caring, honesty and casualness got sex, Mr. Rogers would be a pimp." As I recall...

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