The Opposite of the Reason I Moved

The number one reason I wanted to move south was to avoid another Philadelphia winter. This body was not made for the cold. It also isn't made for manual labor. Or jury duty.

And yet here I am. 7 hours south of Philadelphia, opening the blinds this morning to see cars and trees frosted in bitter, white snow. It seems that traveling 400 miles towards the equator only warms things up by about 3 degrees. So as usual, God continues to toy with me for his own amusement. Touché mon frer.

On the other hand, my boss did call and tell me not to worry if I couldn't make it in today because it is "so messy out."

You'll notice that there isn't actually any snow on the ground. And yet the whole county is given off with pay for these "horrendous conditions." Maybe this was a good idea after all. Maybe God does love me. Yay God.

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