The Great Date Experiment - "What Else?"

Elsa wasn't very good at conversation. Not that she was shy or quiet or reserved. She was actually pretty interesting. But I felt like I wasn't part of the conversation. She never asked me about myself or gave me a chance to respond to what she'd said. Whenever she was done talking she would immediately say, "What else?"

About 20 minutes in, she asks me, "Do you have any plans tonight?"

"Tonight? Other than the date we are currently on? No."

"Do you want to go back to my place and mess around now?"

"Uhh... What? I mean. Yeah. Yes. But... Huh? Is this a trick question? I'm confused. I feel like I'm being set up. Are you with one of those 'Catch a Predator' shows?"

The truth is, I'm a gentleman and not the kind of guy to have sex with a woman 20 minutes after meeting her. Fortunately, her house was 10 minutes away.

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