The Great Date Experiment - The Distraction

There are so many variables that play into how a date will turn out. It's even harder when other people interfere.

Throughout the dinner, I noticed a very attractive girl from another table. She was constantly staring at me and whispering to her friends. She was gorgeous, which it made it pretty difficult to focus on my date.

Later in the evening, I excused myself to use the restroom and as I got up noticed that my voyeurous vixen got up as well - her eyes fixed on me. I tensed. She caught up to me as soon as I rounded the corner. She put her hand on my shoulder. Why doesn't this sort of thing happen when I'm out with friends so I can actually brag about it?

Bashfully, she asked, "Hey. Umm... This is kind of embarrassing, but... are you on a date with that girl?"

I quickly gauged whether my date would notice if I spent the rest of the night at a different table. "Well... yeah. I am. Why, are you interested?" If I could pull this off, even Seinfield would have to admire a Switch of this magnitude.

"Ha! Yeah. No. I have a boyfriend. Me and my friends have a bet."

"You're friends had a bet on whether a guy and a girl out to dinner were on a date? That sounds like a pretty lame bet."

"Oh no. The bet was which website you met on. My friend thinks it was one of those sex buddy sites. I say it was that Apple dating site for dorks."

"Actually it was Match. And I hope your boyfriend suffocates on your large breasts."

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