The Great Date Experiment - The Trick Question

"So... are you looking for a serious relationship or just trying to have some fun?"

Shit. Point of no return. The honest answer is "Yes." My experience is that one will inevitably lead to the other. But what is the right answer today? She didn't seem too judgmental on the sleeping around option. But the word "just" is a little dismissive. Let's try ambiguity.

"Look, I can tell by now that we're both looking for the same thing."

"Well that's a relief."

Okay... so what did I just agree to?

It turns out she is looking for a spiritual equal ready to populate the earth as if the Great Flood just happened. "One child every 15 months and no less than 7 total - because 7 is a holy number. I just don't see the point in having sex for anything other than procreation. That's disrespectful to God."

So I was right. She was looking for both a serious relationship AND sex on a regular basis. But I failed to take into account the motivation and frequency. In this case, all Dealbreaker thresholds have been exceeded. Abort mission. Return to base.

"Check please. Separate".

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